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We specialize in a wide-ranging IT services to private individuals and companies. We have international experience. Our company is working with professionals in the country and abroad.

•    We design and create websites for individuals and companies. We prepare projects in collaboration with external designers and developers. Our company makes web applications , dynamic pages , working with databases , payment systems and the edited content.

•    Thanks to our technology and programming libraries we create a fully interactive , three-dimensional and spatially cinematographic animation of real time. We use the available methods of visualization, we create 2D, 3D graphics and animated, both static and animated, generated with using rendering programs . Animations can be used on PCs, and mobile devices for fun, commercials , games , programs, demonstration , visualization , etc.

•     In the  process of programming we attach great importance to optimize the size and speed of downloading software from the web.

•    We design web pages. With experienced team from around the world , we build websites fast and efficient.

•    We conduct SEO web design . We possess a professional international experience , tools and facilities in the area.

•     When we are advising about servers, we analyze the needs , then assist in selecting the appropriate servers. We advise in the selection of hardware or virtual service provider .

•    We assist and advise in securing installations, machinery and equipment, buildings and houses, as well as vehicles, cars and trucks in protecting against viruses and attacks by directed hacking. We advise on the choice of hardware and software.

•    We Advice on the use of open source software.

Our services may be one-off and ongoing basis.

We solve IT problems , remove the software failures , sell and implement software consultancy in IT technology . We provide services in the preparation of the software and its implementation.

We have experience in designing, developing and maintaining solutions based on different systems and programowaniach.

Our software products include:

  • software development
  • advice on the applications and web applications development
  • mobile application development
  • smart application development
  • integration of IT systems
  • development of operating IT solutions
  • software testing
  • maintaining systems
  • assessment with technology selection
  • construction of a requirements specifications
  • advising with the hosting and management services domains
  • design and optimization algorithms.
  • installation , configuration and modification of finished scripts
  • designing and implementing e-commerce solutions , etc.
  • integration with external services, such as payment systems,
  • social networking
  • audit of IT systems and solutions
  • design, preparation and implementation of portals management and web services
  • other IT consulting.

    Our services may be one-off and ongoing basis.

    We offer support for the distribution of Linux operating system

    Software such as Linux , Apache and PHP is freely available with source code. Preparation and use of this software consists of several thousand group of programmers who are engaged in its development, finding errors and correcting Them. They also prepare documentation and support other users.

    We use open source software for the implementation of original , efficient and secure solutions.
    We are experienced with Linux operating system. Therefore, we have portfolio of tools available in a Linux environment and offer solutions based on this platform.
    The fast development of Linux and availability of specialized Linux distributions , our specialized and implemented solutions, with our international cooperation allow us use of different distributions of Linux system to next deploying solutions in the country and abroad. In recent time we expand our offer for all distributions of Linux.

    Our technical support includes:

  • support and advice in the field of system software updates , installed applications  and security
  • solving problems in the use of Linux , security and selection of applications
  • support and advice with changing the version of the Kernel to suit the needs of the user and the hardware configuration
  • remote management of systems
  • conduct analysis of the burglar and advice on prevention
  • support and advice in improving the existing configuration
  • support and advice in the field of migration solutions
    individual programming and software development solutions for exclusivity
  • remote management of emergency situations
  • and other services.

    Our services may be one-off and ongoing basis.

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